No matter if you have recently purchased a property in Brisbane that needs a touch-up, or are simply looking to give your current bathroom a fresh look, JC Bathroom Renovations in Brisbane can help you out. Being specialists in how to do affordable bathroom renovations Brisbane, the experienced team can advise you on how to renovate your bathroom on a budget without compromising on the style that you wish for. But before you start the renovation process, you have to create a clear vision of your future bathroom and decide on which bathroom style you want to go for. There are numerous styles to choose from. To make your decision a bit easier, this article informs you about the most popular styles for affordable bathroom renovations and also highlights the key features of every bathroom style:

affordable bathroom renovations Brisbane


To achieve the popular modern style of your new bathroom, you should stick with sleek and streamlined, emphasizing strong horizontal lines. It is the goal to keep the architecture in the focus of the bathroom which can be achieved by including clean and flourish-free details. Characteristic for the modern bathroom style is floating vanities, glass showers, and a freestanding bathtub. Minimalistic faucets, streamlined lighting and frameless mirrors complete the modern look. When it comes to the choice of colour, clean white, neutral and black are preferred in this case. If you wish for any pops of colour, it would be a good idea to add these in the form of towels and decoration. 


Traditional not necessarily means old and boring, but can in fact bring a certain charm to your home. This style comes with the advantages of being timeless, comfortable and refined. Unlike in the modern bathroom style, decorative details and classic elegance are welcome. In order to achieve the ultimate traditional style for your new bathroom one of the must-haves is a furniture style bathroom vanity. Another feature that contributes to the right style is the use of elegant stone on either the counters, the floors or the wall treatments. If there is enough room, a claw foot or pedestal style bathtub would be a great fit. A dressing table, wallpapers and antique-style lighting round off the look perfectly. While generally soft and relaxing colours are a great choice for this look, you can also consider different shades of colour, like blue, green, or grey, for instance. 


Another style for your bathroom renovation, that somewhat resembles the traditional style in some elements, is the farmhouse style. This charming look gets the best of both worlds when combining the rustic appeal of rural heritage with simple and modern features. When aiming to create the perfect farmhouse look, it is best to dispense with experiments and stick with simplicity. There are a few things that should always be included when renovating your bathroom in this look. That includes a shaker-style vanity, barn lighting, wall panelling, a claw-foot bathtub, sliding barn doors, and trough sink. Favourable for the farmhouse bathroom would be using simple colours. Natural colours like white, off-white, beige and other classic colours are a great match.


If you are renovating your bathroom and you’re into really modern styles, you should definitely consider choosing an industrial look for your project. While this look is inspired by factories and warehouses, it is also simple and uses raw materials and tough fixtures. It is very popular to include raw materials, such as concrete, stainless steel, or brick and ideally combine several different features. Another great idea would be to combine glass and steel for the shower enclosure to create an authentic and open loft style. White subway tiles and hefty sliding doors, as well as, trough and basin sinks should be considered for this style. Additionally, you can save the effort of hiding exposed pipes and gear-like hardware, these elements are just perfect to complete the industrial look. 


Considering the location of Brisbane, there are many beaches as soon as you drive out of the city. So why not go with the trendy beach style for your bathroom? With a focus on a light and airy feeling, this style is not too strict in its elements, as long as a relaxed and breeze mood is guaranteed. What is important is to stick with coastal-inspired colours and natural materials. Bold tiles, a spacious shower and wall panelling are characteristic for this tyle. Textured elements, like weathered wood, for instance, and a statement wallpaper help to create the perfect seaside style bathroom for your home. 

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